FILLM: fulFILLMent; Future In Look Like Media—LOOK unto and be LIKE Christ through His MEDIAtion and Light—the Source of happiness and fulfillment; life's five feature FILLMs: Fresh Food & Fitness/Function, Inspiration, Life & Liberty, Love & Lift, Minimalism; the story of one's life. INDUSTRY: diligence; zeal;  anxious engagement; field of focus, effort, and production.
Hello, my name is Douglas Wood. Sometimes I go by "infillion." This FILLM INDUSTRY website and work outlines and supports what I call life's five features FILLMsfocuses or facets of happiness and fulFILLMent. My hope is that you may find something in the mix here that is useful to you. Join us—the growing number of FILLM INDUSTRIALISTSin enjoying the gift of fulFILLMent of the measure of your creation. Deep happiness and fulfillment results from inspired decisions concerning life's five feature FILLMs...
Fun Baking
Christmas Baking
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We all love food, which is a huge part of our personal and social lives, and foundational to fulFILLMentmore about that later.
Blending is... really the future and the only way to blend properly is to have a great blender.
Matthew Kenny
World Class Plant Based Chef
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Doug & Tara Wood

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Smoothies are a fabulous breakfast or anytime meal. It is super easy to make smoothies. I (Doug) began to make smoothies in 1987. Over the years I have developed an approach that you can use to make smoothies that taste amazing... and make you look and feel fabulous.

Use the best blender.
2 Use ingredient combinations your body can work with. I used to combine fruits and nuts and seeds. Over time, this combination of sugars and fats completely overwhelmed my gallbladder and pancreas. Now I usually make amazing smoothies using only fruits and greens.
3 Use a blend of fresh and frozen fruits to make really great smoothies.
4 Blend in greens with your fruit smoothies as often as you can.

I also make nice creams, glazes,
sauces, soups, and other blends of veggies and fruits.

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Blendtec Smoothie.PNG
Pumpkin Soup and Garnish
Making Smoothie
Here is the KEY to fulFILLMent


Future In Look Like Media
the fulfilling (completing) Light of the Lord which makes us look like Him

Perish In Live Lie Media
the forspilling (ruining) darkness of the world which makes us unfulfilled and unable to see things as they really are
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Kale Crunch & Raspberry Nice Cream Cone
Girl Running in a Field
Couple with Campervan
Two spiritual media influence all we decide, think, become, do, speak, work at, create, joy in

Whether we fully realize it or not... in every decision, we choose to be...
beguiled or guided,
deceived or directed,
discomforted or comforted,
and influenced by...
darkness and forsPILLMent which drags us down and shackles us...
or Light and fulFILLMent which sets us free.

FILLM Industry is a dojo community helping us understand the rules of fulFILLMent:

A deep sense of happiness, success, and fulfillment comes as we make Light inspired decisions in relation to five feature FILLMs:

Fresh Food&Fitness
You are a temple capable of receiving and transmitting communication with God. Make food and fitness choices that enhance the temple that you are in hearing, heeding, and hearkening to the Voice of God.

The future belongs to those who know how to look unto and be like unto the Lordwho knows all things, and alone... sets us free.

Obedience to the Voice of the Lord is the foundation of Life & Liberty and its safeguard... which is the foundation of happiness, fulFILLMent, and the well-being of all.

The Voice of the Lord will help us love and lift one another as He loves and lifts. If we are all doing that... what more do we need?

As we are guided by the Voice of the Lord in all our choices we will have the deep fulfillment of sufficient for our needsno more and no less.
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Future In Look Like Media
Fresh Food & Fitness, Inspiration, Life & Liberty, Love & Lift, Minimalism

Morning Fog
Three Voices of the Mind.png
Sitting on a Bench

Future In Look Like Media is what we all need. Happiness and fulFILLMent are dependent upon our Spiritual Media literacy—our knowing & ability concerning the influence upon all our decisions of the spirit of darkness and lies—live lie media (of the world)... and the spirit of truth and light—Look Like (the Lord) Media.

Future In Look Like Media (FILLM) is the path of happiness and fulfillment. It is to hear, heed, and hearken to Lord's Still Small Voice of Light, Truth, Direction, Mediation, Vision, Purpose, and Power within us. It sets us free, guides all our decisions for good, and helps us Look unto and be Like unto the Lord. This alone truly Saves us from the shackles and danger of decisions made in darkness, ignorance, vanity, and pride.

perish in live lie media (PILLM) is the path of misery and forsPILLMment (destruction/ruin). live lie media is the spiritual media of darkness—the adversary's darkness, lies, deception, medievality, vanity, and Pride within us... which drags us down... and has had it's day.

What does the media look like in the future? 
The future belongs to those who future in look like media... in all they are, think, decide, become, do, say, work at, create, and joy in.

Happy Family
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Happy Girl Jumping

fulFILLMent is happinessthe purpose of our existence and life. The fulfillment of the measure of our creation is to look unto and become like unto The One who knows all things. All of us eventually discover that fulfillment/happiness is false and unsustainable if we posture in any other manner. To live after the manner of real and sustainable happiness... is to live so as to have fulFILLMent.

Tasty Smoothie
five feature FILLMs.png

fresh food & fitness
life & liberty
love & lift

is what we all benefit most from focus on. We can all have deep and sustaining fulfillment with a FILLM (Future In Look Like Media) approach to these five practical feature FILLMs.


Imagine a world where we really do help one another with the things that matter most in life. Being a part of the FILLM Industry dojo community gives you constant access to resources and like minded people who really do help one another. If and when you feel to do so you can reach out and help others too. Our five feature FILLMs are the simple and practical focuses that help each dojo member enjoy real and sustainable fulfillment and freedom.

The FILLM Industry dojo community begins with our encouraging and helping each member have the best blender in their kitchen. WHY? The first focus of the dojo is in helping its members enjoy and benefit from more fresh food. A premium blender is at the core of fresh food living. From there... the dojo is all about each dojo community member spending time, online and off, learning, living, and helping others with the fulFILLMent that comes from a Future In Look Like Media approach to all five feature FILLMs.

Simply put... FILLM Industry is an inspired approach to fresh food&fitness inspiration life&liberty love&lift minimalism for real fulFILLMent.

Boy Wearing Crown
Straighten Crown.jpeg
Straighten My Crown.jpg
Straighten Crown Girl.jpeg

This is really important to understand...
With our voice/power of decision we either decide to follow Direction or we default to or deliberately decide to follow deception. The Spirit or Media of Light and Truth or the spirit or media of lies and treason... influence all human doing. We either:

- deliberately & decidedly love and Look unto and seek to be Like unto the Lord
the Media (Light) that is the Lord and His Light & Mediation... to Save & Power us in our decisions (RIGHTeousness and Good)
- default or decide and love to live the lie of the liar
the media (darkness) that is the world/Lucifer and their lies & medievality... to slave & perish/pretend us in our decisions (ignorance and evil). The Media of Light produces fulfillment and the media of darkness produces forspillment (ruin). Decision is the course of happiness (Direction) or misery (deception). The choice is ours. We can help one another through the learning curve. Such is the Lord's way... that contention with God, others, and self may be done away... and that we may, by Him, increase in knowing until we, like Him, know all things... which is FULL-FILLM-ent.

Just for fun
An ENT is a giant. A full-FILLM-ent... is a full or complete spiritual (spiritual literacy) giant
one who, in the Lord, knows all things. This is the measure of your creation... which breaks down, one broken heart and contrite spirit at a time, the kingdoms of darkness and ignorance of Light and Truth. This is the future. This is your part in "the Stone cut out of the mountain without hands"... rolling forth to fill the WHOLE earth with Light and Truth - Dan 2: 44-45. Roll on!




Great community.

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Love the people

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Brilliant blender

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