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MEDIA: If you need graphics or website work done for you we are here to help. We take a wholistic approach and encourage our clients to consider deeply what it is they are seeking to offer and reach people with. The what, where, when, why, and how of one's offering matters. Having God as Partner and CDE (Chief Design Engineer)His Inspiration in that offering is ultimately the only sustainable and fulfilling approachHe knows everything.

MODUS: If you are wanting to understand, improve, and master your relationship to light, life, liberty, love, lift, and minimalism... we offer resources and support for your quest. As always, our goal is to help you zero in on the things that matter most and edit the excess.

MUNCH: Humans have
 a very specific design and nature when it comes to food. Society's approach to food is all over the place... and the very cause of so much disease. If you are ready to get in the kitchen (and garden) and learn the very best approach to food... we offer much in the way of resources and support.

Hello, my name is Douglas Wood. I am the founder of GASTOWN DESIGNMEDIA MODUS MUNCH. My wife Tara and I grew up in Vancouver, Canada. The original part of Vancouver and its beginnings is called Gastown. I felt inspired to honor the place we were born and raised. You will find MEDIA, MODUS, and MUNCH merchants in Gastown. I have personally done graphics work (MEDIA), you will find some of my favorite merchants offering wonderful lifestyle and minimalism design and furnishing products and services (MODUS), and I have done food work (MUNCH) in Gastown.
Douglas Wood
For GASTOWN DESIGN... GASTOWN is simply GODLY AUTHENTIC SUFFICIENT (GAS) TOWN. It is the idea and ideal of people and community seeking the best—Gody, Authentic, Sufficient—true and sustainable communication, happiness, freedom, and fulfillment... by letting God inspire, influence, and empower all they think, believe, become, do, speak, create, and joy in.

You can spend a lot of time, money, and effort metaphorically trying to "cook/design" without GAS.
GASTOWN helps you "cook" with GAS and enjoy the very best in your relationship to:
—the media you create/design... and the media that seeks to influence you—especially Divine Light, Influence, Inspiration
MODUS—the manner/design you choose/create of light life liberty love lift minimalism mobility means
MUNCH—your design/preparing and enjoying more fresh fruits and veggies, gardening, and the nourishment of sun, air, forests, etc.

Everything goes best if we are truly MEDIA MODUS MUNCH literate. In fact, the future belongs to those who are. I have worked in MEDIA for 40+ years and MODUS and MUNCH for 30+ years. I have found that these three are deeply interrelated. MEDIA has to do with communications and influencewhich is everything. Each of us send a "message" with each decision we make. MEDIA reach and influence can be in print or broadcast or spoken word or just the way we communicate with ourselves, and more. The sun and earth communicate sustaining light, air, nutrients, etc. Then there is the Divine Media realm—the Light and Mediation of God that governs in all things... and the communication we send and receive from Himthe GAS or Wise Virgin oil in our lamps that sets us free. The dark media realm can also have influence on us. The adversary to Light and Truth is always seeking to drag us downSAG. MODUS is all about the way or manner in which we approach things. MUNCH is about food, fitness, and function.

I have been a student, teacher, and designer of these things for decades. GASTOWN DESIGN is my effort to share what I have learned and to build a community of people who would like to be the "best" in their relationship to MEDIA MODUS MUNCH
"cooking/designing" with GAS. 

I have done a deep study and living of the science of natural hygiene (natural healthcare) and much more.
I worked for several years doing media and coaching with Anthony Robbins & Associates.
I have worked in the organization and minimalism industries for decades.
I have designed many graphics pieces and websites.

I know that at the deepest level people simply want to be fulfilled and free... and that if we can reach them with the simple message of GASTOWN... that they can find what they are looking for. 

For many years I tried to find a tame way of presenting the things of God
a way that would be easy for everyone to relate to. In recent years I have let go of that idea because it is not authentically honest. Real and sustainable happiness, freedom, and fulfillment are the fruit of having the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of God and His Light and Mediation in all we do. Any other effort or posture cannot bear the fruit of real and enduring happiness, freedom, and fulfillment. By Divine Design each of us, as a child of God, is engineered to talk with God, hear God's Voice, do as He Directs, and receive from Himwho knows all thingsour becoming like Him. He is the Master and we are the apprentice. He knows the best and only manner of becoming like Him. We know nothing, even though we think we know something. The simple reality is that any being that does not know all things is dangerous because they do not know the impact and ripple effect of any decision they make. God alone knows what is right and best and is the only One capable of showing us what is right and best (GAS) in our MEDIA MODUS MUNCH relationship and quest. He has prepared the way for us to know and do what is best. Imagine a world in which we have all learned to Hear this Wise and Freeing Direction and do itthat which is Godly Authentic Sufficientnothing more and nothing less. A GAS TOWN.

My wife Tara is engaged in similar work. Her RestoretheBrain and Life Elevated Through projects and work are designed to help people function at their best. GASTOWN DESIGN supports her efforts by providing MEDIA MODUS MUNCH resources that also help people function at their best.
With or without GAS
The best is the GODLY AUTHENTIC SUFFICIENT influence, inspiration, and empowerment of God