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Hello, my name is Douglas Wood. I am the founder of MINimalism+RAW Studios.

We have two products that give people high function, fruitfulness, freedom, fulfillment, and felicity:
SUFICE MINimalism gives people the advantage of a lifestyle of... just-right, on-mark, no more no less, sufficient, enough.
SUFICE is available in any of three formats—SUMMIT or CLASS, IN-HOME LIVE, or IN-HOME VIRTUAL—each of which teaches the basic principles of minimalism and helps you create and then implement your SUFICE ADVANTAGE game plan—with ongoing support.

FRUVEG RAW—real-authentic-whole gives people the advantage of a lifestyle of... fresh fruit, veggies, be fruitful, love God.
FRUVEG is available in any of three formats—SUMMIT or
 CLASS, IN-HOME LIVE, or IN-HOME VIRTUAL—each of which teaches the basic principles of RAW—real-authentic-whole and helps you create and then implement your FRUVEG ADVANTAGE game plan—with ongoing support.

First and foremost, MINimalism+RAW Studios is designed to compliment, support, and enhance the work of my wife Tara. Beyond just body massage, TARAWOOD MASSAGE is designed to massage or improve lives holistically—helping people function at their best. Her blend of MASSAGE, MICRONUTRIENTS, and more... help mend and shape one's life in a sage manner—wisdom, prudence, and good judgment. SUFICE+FRUVEG supports her efforts by providing MINimalism+RAW resources that enhance people's ability to function at their best.

To compliment, support, and enhance Tara's work... the website menu gives you links to several studios:
and more.

SUFICE and FRUVEG are two of our in-house studios—with specific focus on MINimalism+RAW respectively.

SUFICE MINimalism is all about high function. The focus is on helping people, under inspired Production/Divine Direction, have and enjoy a lifestyle of... just-right, on-mark, no more no less, sufficient, enough. The spelling of SUFICE with one "F" is a deliberately minimalist or sufficient. If you are wanting to understand, improve, and master your relationship to minimalism and its relationship to, light, life, liberty, love, lift, mobility, means, media, and more... we offer resources and support for your quest. As always, our goal is to edit excess and lack, zero in on the things that matter most, and help you roll and keep... just-right, on-mark, no more no less, sufficient, enough. MINimalism and sufficiency begins in the hearts and mind and then extends to each facet of life. Mineralism  (micronutrients) and massage are essential. These are key components in assuring that your brain and body function at their best. More about this in the FRUVEG studio.

If you need media
—branding, graphics, or website work done for you we are here to help. Just like our wholistic help with one's approach to overall existence... we take a wholistic approach to media. We encourage our clients to consider deeply what it is they are seeking to offer and reach people with.

The what, where, when, why, and how of one's life and offering matters. Having God as Partner and CEO (Chief Engineering Officer) is ultimately the only sustainable and fulfilling approach. He knows everything. His Inspiration in one's existence and offerings is essential. The future belongs to those who realize and master this PRIME posture
Master guiding apprentice to real and sustainable function, fruitfulness, freedom, fulfillment, and felicity. Humans are not designed to achieve completion of themselves--they do not know all things. It is therefore impossible for them to ever achieve their highest potential on their own. Only One who knows all things can bring them to this same completion. Real and sustainable function, fruitfulness, freedom, fulfillment, and felicity are OF GOD—the TRUE OG—Original GANGster. Webster: OG: "someone or something that is an original or originator and especially one that is highly respected or regarded." In reality, GOD is the only OG. The degree to which we Hear Him, and heed and hearken to His Direction is the degree to which He makes us like Him. In this fun, useful, and "transformational-vocabulary" context... it is also helpful to know the etymology or origin of the word GANG: "from Old English gang: a going, journey, way, passage... any band of persons traveling together. Linking to gang: go: Old English gan: to advance, walk; depart, go away; happen, take place; conquer; observe, practice, exercise; in the past tense: went, past tense of wenden: to direct one's way (wend)." All of which is an apt description OF GOD putting into place and our participating in... our collective mortal journey and practice... as children OF GOD—experiencing here on earth the curriculum OF GOD (the Original) that He is the loving Originator and Sustainer of—that we may all come to function at our best... the full measure of our creation. And so we WEND under the tender and watchful eye OF GOD.

FRUVEG RAW (real authentic whole) is all about high function. The focus is on helping people, under inspired Production/Divine Direction, have and enjoy a lifestyle of... fresh fruit and veggie + be fruitful and love God. The goal of REAL AUTHENTIC WHOLE is to have a life that is Produced and Directed by the inspiration and power OF GOD (OG)the One who knows all things. This is the only way to assure one's decisions are right, honest, legitimate, real, without guile, in the best interest of all, and lead to real and sustainable function, fruitfulness, freedom, fulfillment, and felicity.

The FRUVEG name suggests focus on three essential parts of our relationship to God:
By Divine Design, humans function best on a diet that is primarily fresh fruits and veggies. We are capable of eating flesh food and cooked food--and certainly need to when fresh fruits and veggies are scarce. The light of the sun absorbed by plants has a relationship to the Light OF GOD we seek, for best function, to be Directed by and Live in. Processing and cooking, etc. compromises or reduces this light and therefore leaves us without its benefit in our quest to function at our best. God knows what he is doing
the trick is to let Him provide us with what he has provided us with... in the manner He has provided it. Man is without ability to improve upon itbut he his capable of compromising himself be such effort. Food for thought. Humans have a very specific design and nature when it comes to food. Society's approach to food is all over the place... and the very cause of so much disease. If you are ready to get in the kitchen (and garden) and learn the very best approach to food... we offer much in the way of "more" fresh FRUits and VEGgies resources and support.

The very first commandment given OF GOD to man is to... "Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it." For fun and practicality due to the number of words... we call this DREAMS: Divine Directed Replenishing Earth And Multiplying/Subduing such. To subdue, in this context, means to "conqure" the negative or natural influences of and, under God's Direction, make the earth a glorious and truly suitable home for all of us. The earth is not designed to do this on its own. Man is designed to help make this happen as part of the curriculum OF GOD for His children to become like Him. This commandment is a "call" to make the DREAMS you have and want to come true... to be like God and see and treat the earth and our lives in the manner He has ordained... for our best function and becoming like Him. He is capable of making us so much more than we can make ourselves. In fact, it ultimately deep foolishness, touching on insane, to not take advantage of and seek Father in heaven's loving and "all knowing"... "guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence." Families and the earth and their purpose matters. We are ALL invited/commanded by the One who created us, keeps us alive, keeps the planets in balance, and and has paid the infinite price of existence and the possibility of becoming like Him. We are owned by Him. He is all knowing and loving. We do not exist without Him. The Divine irony is that we are ALL forever indebted to the only One who can and has organized all things to help us, His children (ALL of us), have the highest degree possible, like Him, of real and sustainable function, fruitfulness, freedom, fulfillment, and felicity. This is the entire purpose of... " life, the universe, and everything." We are to dress, keep, and subdue the gift of earth, self, and family that we have all been given.

From this point of view... we all have a deep stewardship concerning one another
our earth family... and our earth home. This does not mean that we jump on the environmental and climate change band-wagon. God did not make the earth fragile. He put all the safeguards needed in place for our journey. It does mean that we see the earth and each other in His Light and are invited to align with His view of reality... and enjoy the peace that comes from seeing things as they really arereal, authentic, whole.

The first and great commandment is to "love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind... And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself."
As a natural continuance of DREAMS... we are to look to God for Guiding and Directing Light and Power in EVERY DECISION we make. In other words... stop the insanity, contention, and abuse of self, others, God, and the earth. We are to grow-UP, and let go of "ME" focus. We are to embrace the "WE" focus OF GOD.

Note the simplicity of this:
If everyone focuses on the "so-called" wellbeing of self "first" or "alone"... everyone eventually dies of some form of abuse.
If everyone focuses on the wellbeing of others and all... everyone is ultimately taken care of at the highest level possible.
Life, civility, and fulfillment of our potential and joy are a function of "we" focus. We all have individual and essential worth... but, focus on individuality is a "wolf in sheep's clothing" death knell. We are all part of one great whole.

These understandings and commandments are the "Prime Directive" of life, the universe, and everything—the key to fulness of... function, fruitfulness, freedom, fulfillment, felicity. If you are ready to take your relationship to yourself, others, the earth, and God and their purposes to the next level... we offer much in the way of "more" be FRUitful and loVE God resources and support.

Tara and I grew up in Vancouver, Canada. The original part of Vancouver is called... Gastown and still has the original solid "cobble stone" street. One of the merchants in Gastown is John Fluevog Shoes (the "cobbler")
arguably one of the coolest shoe designers in the world. Fluevog is also the inspiration for the name... fruveg. For the context of MINimalism+RAW... shoes are a metaphor for standing on solid ground and walking with God in all we doto say nothing of the potential "joy" factor.
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