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 suficewith one f, is about knowing how much is enough or sufficient for our needs, reducing costs, maximizing mobility, and being "set free." It covers both lifestyle choices and Christ's declaration... "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." It is about the reduction, simplification, and "just-right" that makes you fully ABLE to answer life's and God's calls as they come. It focuses on smart and fulfilling mobility, minima, means, and Mediation.
VANcouverVAN or VAN'd = Velocity & Authenticity Nuance. couver = (French) brooding, attention. It is about... the nuances of life and a nuanced life... the pace we are going internally and externally...  leaving the rat race and status quo...  getting realauthentically honest. It's about real freedomthe minimalism of letting go of the myriad voices of the world... and tuning into the Simplifying and Fulfilling—Sufice—Voice of God... as we make life and lifestyle decisions.
VANcouver is all about
VAN "couver"[French]: sit on; incubate; look lovingly at; brood; nurse; nurture; plot; brew; hatch. [Hebrew] "rachaph": moved; hovered; brooded; high degree of care or concern; It's about obsessing over "van life" and mobility. Join us as we support one another in the quest for the best. All of us struggle at some level. The key here is having support in decluttering, mobilizing, and freeing our lives and worldhaving sufficient for our needs. ROLL SUFICE.

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