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Grace Sufficient+Be Fruitful & Love God are the foundation of the MINimalism+RAW EDGEucation and advantEDGE. Mankind are not engineered to reach their highest potential or to find and integrate real and sustainable solutions to life's challenges and needs on their own. The "natural" power of man is limited. The Grace of God is essential and Sufficient. Be fruitful and Love God are the first and the great commandments—the Divine Path of Grace.
Taxis at Night
The influence of dark lies & pretense—the source of ruined and sequestered civility, proper power, and happiness—function, fruitfulness, freedom, fulfillment, felicity. This is the lack of oil in the lamps of the unwise virgins. The whole world would droop, sink, decline, settle, fall under the influence of dark lies & MEDIAevality unto utter chaos.
Community Garden
The influence of Divine Light & Power—the Source of real and sustainable civility, proper power, and happiness—function, fruitfulness, freedom, fulfillment, felicity. This is the oil in the lamps of the Wise Virgins. The whole world can magnify, rise, ascend, stand, soar under the influence of Divine Light & MEDIAtion unto ultimate completion.
Covenant making & Keeping
Our four prime needs:
—Function At Its Truest Height

Because no man knows all things and therefore cannot be relied upon (no faith)... Function At Its Truest Height is the fruit of revelation (Guidance from God—Who knows all things) and obedience to that revelation.

Overcoming the world is the ultimate MINimalism+RAW, rest, reduce+simplifyjoy of no stress EDGE.
The world is full of many false philosophies and ideas. Ultimate minimalism begins with decluttering and editing these "wolves in sheep's clothing" from our beliefs, lives, habits... and adopting the simple truths of God that "set free." Here alone is real and sustainable... self social space—function fruitfulness freedom fulfillment—happiness. Christ knows all things—we do not. He is the Master. We as "apprentices" look unto Him in every thought, thing, and decision... that He may show us and endow us with knowing as He knows, seeing as He sees, doing as He does, speaking as He speaks, and being as He is. Here is real, sustainable, and full peace, pure power, freedom, and joy.

In a nutshell, we call it...
Grace Sufficient + Be Fruitful & Love God—the Power and Path to Perfect, Clutter-Free, Joy-Full.

It is exhausting to seek happiness where you can never find it." - Russell M. Nelson
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