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FILLM Industry's prime focus is to help you make the best decisions, through a Future In Look Like Media approach to life's key five feature FILLMs:
fresh food & fitness
life & liberty
love & lift

Look Like Media
Each of us has a birthright Divine Heart given to us by our Father in heaven... that lets us tune into what we call Look Like Media. This Divine Media is the influence of the Lord and His Guiding, Directing, Comforting, emPowering, Voice, Light, Mediation, Wisdom, and Power. We have called it Look Like Media as a reminder of its primary purpose--to help us look unto and be like unto the Lord. He knows all things. Tuning to Google may be useful... but it is limited.
Tuning to God makes us RIGHT in all our decisions and is the essential proper pursuit and having of happiness and fulfillment.

Look Like Media sets us free and Saves us from wrong decisions. Without knowing the mind and will of God and having Him infuse our decisions and action with His ratifying and RIGHTifying Power... we are wrong in any decision we make... no matter how well intentioned or right we may think we are. Man simply cannot make a RIGHT decision without the Mediation of the One who knows all things. Without tuning into the the One who knows all things we are dangerouswe do not know the impact and ripple effect of any decision we make

No decision and action that is made, without God's Power infused into it, is free and Saved from wrong. By default or by deliberate choice, decisions and actions not infused with God's Power are wrong, imperfect, iniquity. They simply do not and cannot safeguard the wellbeing of the individual or the whole of creation. Tuning to God is our ninja Jedi Power. Helping you hone this Power is what FILLM IndustryYOUR FULFILLMENT DOJO is all about. The Wise Virgins spoken of in the Bible were those who had honed this Power. They could not give this Power to another.

Each of us must do our own home work to tune into Look Like Media... in all we think, become, decide, do, speak, work at, create, and joy in.

This is what Christ meant when He said... "Be ye perfect ,even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." And... "Father... Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven."

We can work together and help one another in this most important quest of all.

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