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what does the media look like in the future?

NOIZ media
PILL Media

dark media—the voice & mediaeval-ness of the liar and the world.

We help people understand NOIZ media and how to Properly EDIT it.

VASP media

Video Audio Social Print media. 

We have some focus on and use of VASP media.

ZION Media
FILL Media

Divine Media—the Light of Christ—The Voice & Mediation of The Lord/Word.

Our primary and foundational focus is ZION Media... helping people understand ZION and how to Properly ROLL... IN IT.

Here is the Future!

decluttering and optimizing influence and function for good. This includes four types of "media literacy":
self: your personal influence—thoughts, emotions, decisions, lifestyle message, social media, etc.
Sodom: the influence of the world, social media, and mainstream media on you.
Satan: the influence of Satan's meddling—darkness and power upon your thoughts and decisions.
Savior: the influence of Christ's Mediation—Light and Power upon your thoughts and decisions... for Best function, fruitfulness, freedom, fulfillment, felicity
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