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It’s about the Light. It is about seeing clearly—seeing things as they really are—ourselves, others, God, and all things. The darkness teaches us too. As we bump into things in the darkness of not seeing clearly… we learn. The lack of light and not seeing things clearly, is, ironically, and by Divine Design, part of the path to seeing clearly. In this manner we partake of the tree of knowledge of Good (Light) and evil (darkness)… and all things work together for good unto them that love the Lord. As we ask for the Lord’s help and endowment of seeing clearly, seeing as He sees, seeing things as they really are—His perfect tapestry of Light and darkness—the manner in which they work together to educate us and bless us... He will Masterfully Craft within us the Most Glorious, Gracious, and Perfect view of all things... and our Being Even As He Is.

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