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Love & Lift are the Divine commands of God to all of us. Life is so much more than the pursuit of mere self-happiness and self-fulfillment. It is the fulfillment of the measure of our creation and the infinite happiness that flows from this measure. Mr&MrsHusband&Wife... is the foundation of Love&Lift. Such is expressed in both the Lord being the Bridgegroom and our being the bride... and in a man and a women being joined together by God as one... and truly loving and lifting one another... and in so doing, loving & lifting God, and all creation, in the process. Such Love&LIft is also found in the commandment to love our neighbor as ourselves. In this sense, under Divine Inspiration, we have proper fidelity to all. There is no deeper meaning and magic than marriage and family and the singular role and responsibility they hold as the very purpose and glue of society—for we are all family, the purpose of creation, and the fundamental role they play in realizing fulness of joy. Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth and subdue it... now, and in eternity. The whole universe is organized to support, strengthen, and succeed in bringing forth this, God's great end-in-mind and the glorious journey and quest that is its unfolding. Future In Look Like Media... is the essential ingredient in this realization and journeythis Divine meaning and magic. This Divine Institution of marriage and family is the crowning manner in which we Look Like the Lordeven joint heirs with Christ of all that the Father hath. Darkness cannot and will not see it... but the Light in our hearts knows it is true and deeply yearns for this honest Love&Lift realm of... Proper Providential Peace, Purpose, Partnership, Posterity, Prosperity, Prudence, Precept, Proclamation, Prescription, Province, Perfection, Promise, Playfulness, Pleasing, Prayer-Answering-Oneness, Piety, Power, Purity, and Pleasantnessin other words, Divine Marriage and Love&Lift and the happiness that can only be unveiled within such... is what existence is all about. Fresh Food & Fitness, Minimalism, Inspiration, and Life & Liberty all have their purpose in, support, and point to Love&Lift and its meaning and magic. We must get this right... or everything else is twisted, darkness, unedifying, pointlessforspillment.

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