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Forest Trees
Mastering MINIMALISM, RAW and Media Literacy is essential in this age.

One on one or small group "simple function" consulting to help you reduce and simplify—self, social, space.
Young People at a Workshop
We all help one another enjoy better function, freedom, fulfillment with our social media, events, and culture.
One on one or small group "simple function" consulting to help you reduce and simplify—self, social, space.
Simple Function Therapeutic MINimalism+RAW
for enhanced mind, function, and lifestyle well-being—your edge

Magic & meaning happen as we attune our heart, mind, & will... to our Father in Heaven's Voice, Light, Love, & Pure Power.

"Stop asking God to bless what you are doing and get involved with what He is doing because that is already blessed."  - Bono


MINimalism is about moving beyond the foolishness of the world's "piracy" and "pretending" (acting as if you own things and have a right to things... and that you know what you are doing... when you do not)... and into the realm Of God and His Wise Guiding Light. Power, and Providing Sufficient for our needs. Without God... just-right, on-mark, no more no less, sufficient, enough... are, ironically, insufficient, hollow, pretend, and unsustainable. With God, they are infused with Divine joy, fulfillment, and power. "MINimum needed" is not just about "getting by"... it is about "no more and no less" than the fulness of joy that comes from deliberately and decidedly letting God guide, direct, comfort, influence, reduce, simplify, dial, refine, sanctify, and power ones life to being just like Him. "Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect." - Matt. 5: 48. Here and He is your... Joy Of No Stress EDGE. Stress is a function of fear... and fear is a function of not knowing all things. Tap into the One who knows all things and your stress is gone—displaced by the Pure Love and Light of God. It is interesting to consider that the words... MINimalism and MINistry... both come from the Proto-Indo-European root "mei" meaning "small." It is to let go of the clutter, excess, and lack that impedes our being "right." "Small" (Old English smæl) means "thin, slender, narrow; fine." The strait and narrow path of perfection or being whole—without flaw—excess or lack. The Scottish word "Dalziel" means "small field." Indeed, minimalism is the field of focus and effort of thinking small--letting go of excess and lack and ministering help to others that they may enjoy the same. In this manner the WHOLE world eventually becomes WHOLE—truly satisfied or "Grace Sufficient."

Real, authentic, whole food... is about eating more fresh (raw) fruits and veggies... and gaining the advantEDGE of their light and health values for our constitution and nature. Real, authentic, whole life... is about the be fruitful & love God effort of tuning into the Divine Light—that knows all things—that shows us who we really are and helps make right and honest decisions and choices for the best... self, social, space—function, freedom, fruitfulness, fulfillment—happiness. The future belongs to those who seek, listen, hear, heed, and hearken only to the Masters Voice and receive His Power (Grace Sufficient). This alone makes all things real, authentic, whole. Anything less we all eventually see is fruitless and pretending because we do not know all things. We must learn to tune into the One who knows all things to make real, authentic, whole decisions and progress... or simply remain dangerous to self and all creation because we do not know the impact and ripple effect of any decision we make. God alone is the Source of authentic honesty and power.

FILLM Industry

Fresh Food & Fitness
Make food and fitness choices that enhance the temple that you are in hearing, heeding, and hearkening to the Voice of God.

The future belongs to those who know how to look unto and be like unto the Lord who knows all things and alone... sets us free.

Life & Liberty
Obedience to the Voice of the Lord is the foundation of Life & Liberty which is the foundation of fulFILLMent--happiness, freedom, fruitfulness.

Love & Lift
The Voice of the Lord will help us love as He loves and safeguard the well-being of others. If we are all doing that... what more do we need?

As we are guided by the Voice of the Lord in all our choices we will have the deep fulfillment of sufficient for our needs--no more and no less.


Simple Function Therapeutic MINimalism+RAW
for enhanced  Real Authentic Whole function, fruitfulness, freedom, fulfillment, felicity
function, focus, mood, and mental well-being
reducing life's clutter, stress, excess, and lack. enhancing
nature sufficient—having man's and earth's Divine object and design or nature sufficiently met—
peace, vitality, happiness, freedom, fulfillment. 
no more no less
more for the ABOUT page???

is all about the ideal of people and community seeking
the best—the SFU—sufice+fruveg universe-city.

Fun inspiration from Vancouver—names, places, and meanings...
The St. Anthony, Idaho area is dubbed "the gateway to adventure." Situated in the heart of the upper Snake River basin or valley of eastern Idaho... it is a wonderfully picturesque and nurturing land of many farms, ranches, waters, bridges, train tracks, forests, and mountains. I have dubbed this mountain "tiara" valley—Waterfront Station, a nod to Vancouver's Waterfront Station (old train station). I have also lived in and love Australia and so Waterfront Station is also a nod to the huge ranches—"stations" of Australia.

St. Anthony, Idaho was founded by Carlos H. Moon in 1890. He built his home on the south-west corner of Main and Bridge streets, which for many years, in the Snake River Valley, was known as " Moon Corner." Like Gastown is the original part of Vancouver and named after "Gassy" Jack (John Deighton) because of his influence and presence in the days when the city was just developing on the shores of Vancouver's Burrard Inlet. I sometimes think of St Anthony's Bridge St, Main St, and West 1st North core as Gastown or Moontown.

The SFU is a nod to Vancouver's Simon Fraser University and South Fremont coUnty where St Anthony is. In St. Anthony, the name "Simon" has personal meaning for Tara and I. Generally, the name Simon means—"listen" or "hearing." Listening for and hearing the Voice of God guiding, directing, comforting, and influencing all we do is the foundation of the real, authentic, whole life. The name Fraser means "strawberry" and "of the forest men." Like the Fraser river runs through Vancouver, the Henry's Fork of the Snake River runs through St. Anthony. Strawberries are a dominant feature of Tara's garden and food forest at our home in St Anthony. In the heart of this larger Waterfront Station valley... the immediate river and forest connects the St Anthony, Parker, and Salem, Idaho triangle of towns. I have dubbed this beautiful parkland of features, trails, wildlife, and towns that immediately surrounds us... Annely Park—our lively "triangle electric." Triangle Electric" is the name of my grandfather's and fathers electrical business in Vancouver. Annely Park is a nod to Stanley Park in Vancouver, and to Tara's middle name... Lyanne.

It about creating our own GASTOWN—Godly, Authentic, Sufficient (GAS)—community (TOWN). Our Sufice+Fruveg Universe-city of true and sustainable communication, happiness, freedom, fulfillment, community and supporting one another Such is the fruit of letting
 God inspire, influence, and empower all they think, believe, become, do, speak, create, and joy in. It is about relief from the drag of status quo thinking and living. 

—the manner/design you choose/create of light life liberty love lift minimalism mobility means... and the media you create/design... and the media that seeks to influence you—especially Divine Light, Influence, Inspiration
RAW—your design/preparing and enjoying more fresh fruits and veggies, gardening, and the nourishment of sun, air, forests, etc.

Everything goes best if we are truly MINimalism+RAW literate. In fact, the future belongs to those who are. I have worked in MINimalism+RAW for 35 years. I have found that they are deeply interrelated. MINimalism is all about the way or manner in which we approach things. It includes communication and influencewhich is everything. Each of us send a "message" with each decision we make. Media reach and influence can be in print or broadcast or spoken word or just the way we communicate with ourselves, and more. The sun and earth communicate sustaining light, air, nutrients, etc. Then there is the Divine Media realm—the Light and Mediation of God that governs in all things... and the communication we send and receive from Him. This is the Wise Virgin oil in our lamps that sets us free. The dark media realm can also have influence on us. The adversary to Light and Truth is always seeking to drag us down. RAW is about food, fitness, function, fruitfulness, freedom, fulfillment, and felicity.

I have been a student, teacher, and designer of these things for decades.
sufice+fruveg is my effort to share what I have learned and to build a community of people who would like to be the "best" in their relationship to MINimalism+RAW
—designing, preparing, and enjoying the best life possible. 

I have done a deep study and living of the science of natural hygiene (orthopathy
natural healthcare) and much more.
I worked for several years doing media and coaching with Anthony Robbins & Associates.
I have worked in the organization and minimalism industries for decades.
I have designed many graphics and branding pieces and websites.
MINimalism+RAW Studios take all this to a whole other level
—an inspired, fun, and practical approach to improvement of life.

I know that at the deepest level people simply want to be fulfilled and free. If we can reach them with the simple message of sufice+fruveg... they can find what they are looking for. 

For many years I tried to find a tame way of presenting the things of God
a way that would be easy for everyone to relate to. In recent years I have let go of that idea because it is not authentically honest. Real and sustainable happiness, freedom, and fulfillment are the fruit of having the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of God and His Light and Mediation in all we do. Any other effort or posture cannot bear the fruit of real and enduring happiness, freedom, and fulfillment. By Divine Design each of us, as a child of God, is engineered to talk with God, hear God's Voice, do as He Directs, and receive from Him... our becoming like Himwho knows all things. He is the Master and we are the apprentice. He knows the best and only manner of becoming like Him. We know nothing, even though we think we know something. The simple reality is that any being that does not know all things is dangerous because they do not know the impact and ripple effect of any decision they make. God alone knows what is right and best and is the only One capable of showing us what is right and best in our MINIMA+RAW relationship and quest. He has prepared the way for us to know and do what is best. Imagine a world in which we have all learned to Hear this Wise and Freeing Direction and do itthat which is Godly Authentic Sufficientnothing more and nothing less. Welcome to the SFUsufice+fruveg universe-city.

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